“ALARIS has had the pleasure of working with JME Claims Services since 2014 and have found Josh Ewing and his team to be proactive with communication and responsive to the case managers’ inquiries for authorization and with strategic collaborations to mitigate costs while facilitating quality and appropriate care for JME’s client/claimants. JME is knowledgeable about the workers compensation rules, providers, and vendors in their states and the adjusters are actively involved with the progress of their cases from the point of referring to ALARIS until closure.”  

-Sue Jensen, PhD, RN, CCM, MSCC

CEO – Southwest CMR, LLC (dba ALARIS)



“We’ve worked with Josh Ewing for several years.  Josh is an easy adjuster for defense counsel to work with.  He is accessible, and he gives a fair hearing in a case to counsel’s analysis and recommendations.  Josh works to timely bring litigated cases to a resolution beneficial to insureds and insurers.”


–Alan R. Gardner and Michael G. McPeek

   Gardner Law Office

   Boise, Idaho


“I have worked with Joshua Ewing on cases for 6 years. I have found him to be an expert on workers compensation law in multiple jurisdictions. His insight and expediency in handling claims issues is an asset to both the injured worker, employer and insurance provider.”

-Mary Rose Cloninger

Business Development Manager